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    Special treatments applied in our clinic.

    ReGenIC Clinic was established for the treatment of advanced complex diseases.

    Non-Healing Wound

    Who are we?

    ReGen is an organization specializing in innovative treatments, founded by Plastic Surgeons, Orthopedics and Special Therapy Practitioners.

    What We Do?

    What We Do?

    Why do our patients choose us?


    we use

    In our center, advanced technology treatments are offered in the field of non-healing wounds, diabetic wounds and burns.

    Ozone Therapy


    Vacuum / Negative Pressure Dressing

    Co2 Laser

    Opinions of Our Patients

    “They said that I have a circulation problem in my leg because I have diabetes. Doctors tried to open the vein, but unfortunately it was not successful. I could not sleep due to pain at night, and the wounds and bruises on my feet were increasing day by day. With the new technological treatments applied in Regen, my pains decreased and started to pass slowly. My doctor also suggested that he would support it by recommending hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Now all my pain has passed, my walking capacity has increased and my wounds have closed. I am very lucky to have found this clinic. Thank you to the entire Regen Clinic team. ”

    A. L., Our Diabetic Wound Patient

    “My leg was in very bad condition as a result of being caught in the high voltage line and as a result of electric shock, I had too many surgeries and 4 different doctors said that it should be cut above the knee. I could not accept it and as a result of my research, I reached my doctor. He checked the vascular circulation with a device and suggested a new operation method. He said that if new vessels could form and correct circulation, he could at least reduce the degree of amputation. I had no other choice and was fighting the infection at the same time. I had surgery related to the bone marrow with vacuum treatments and debridement operations every 3 days. Now I just lost my fingers, and believe me, I am so happy with this… ”

    K. H., Our Burn Patient
    “After a painful incident, a large part of my body was burned. I had over 30 surgeries. 7 years have passed since this event. I could not cover my hands and use my arms comfortably. I don’t want to talk about how people look at me everywhere. I knew it wouldn’t be the same as before. With the treatment my doctor did, I had 4 more operations and now I have regained my functions to a great extent. My view has improved by 50%. “
    G.E., Our Burn Patient

    “I received treatment in the hospital for 4.5 months due to the work accident I had. My bedsores formed and were getting worse. It healed with different wound closure dressings and innovative treatments they used. ”

    T. A., Our Non-Healing Wound Patient