Facial fractures

What are the facial fractures?

Our face is made up of some bones. This means that the facial bones are broken as a result of a trauma and can become very common problems, especially in modern society. The main joints of them are traumas, traffic accidents, falls, and it is important that these bones can be broken easily and properly treated.

How are facial fractures treated?

Treatment of facial fractures principally requires stabilization. Just as in orthopedics, when our long bones are broken, they need to be stabilized, that is, to be brought to the edge, in the same way, the facial bones are operated without loss of volume without distorting the aesthetically pleasing appearance and the patient’s facial expression. If there is a fracture in your face and deformation, it means that they are set back in place and also the nerve stabilization is treated surgically.

Which treatments are suitable for facial fractures at what age?

As is known, the bones in children are in the form of a sponge, so it can be considered as a tennis ball. They can regain their former form when you are traumatized when you press down or fall. Therefore, children can recover spontaneously, which we call palliative, by resting or with the bandages we use. However, if there is a separation in the bone lines, treatment methods for facial fractures, especially in adults, are in the form of plate stabilization.

What are the known mistakes for facial fractures?

The first mistake known to be true in facial fractures; The patient’s desire to avoid treatment. Staying away from treatment will definitely decrease your quality of life. If these fractures are especially in the jaw area, the patient becomes unable to fulfill many functions. Because the chin is a structure that enables us to do especially eating and drinking functions in our body. As a result of breaking this structure and if it is not treated, it causes deterioration of our tooth structure. One of the biggest misunderstood factors has been experienced as avoiding treatment.

Second, especially in our society, if there is an injury to the eyes, there are some complications in the form of double vision. These should be treated in the early period because the patients have double vision deformities at certain angles as a result of the trauma to their faces. These can make the patient’s life uncomfortable.