We provide safe and prompt treatment procedures for our customer.

1- Online counseling service before treatment

ReGen provides the most precise, subjective counseling service through highly qualified consultants. Moreover, we link all our clients to hospital director for counseling and operation cost inquiry.

We start with an online application form to get a quote. As soon as you send us your history of your illness, we provide you with specialist clinics and medical experts for your treatment.

2- Informing you about your doctors, hospital, cost and process time

We will answer your request with detailed information such as hospital and doctor options, hospitalization details, clinical results, and costs. We will inform you about the doctors and the hospital where you will receive the treatment. At the same time, you will be informed about the fee and the treatment progress time. We will make the treatment reservation after your approval.

3- Treatment Reservation

We keep in touch to confirm the date of treatment and to provide patient consultation before treatment. If you cannot receive our service call, we can provide you an online chat service to let you know the details about the procedure and required preparation before treatment.

4- Hotel Reservation Service

ReGen has partnerships with a number of hotels in Turkey. We will set up your hotel reservation at a lower price and according to your budget preferences.

5- Airport Pick-up Service

ReGen will provide an airport pick-up service that uses professional drivers who will welcome you at the airport.

6- Counseling at Hospital

When you visit a hospital, we will provide you with a one-on-one counseling service with a professional medical counseling manager and head surgeons of each medical department.

Our professional medical counseling manager will be there to support you in order to ensure smooth communication with our medical doctors.

7- Medication after surgery

ReGen will provide a package for VIP members.

Having pioneered the Medical Tourism Transportation in Turkey, ReGen is definitely your first and best choice; personalized service with unsurpassed attention has earned us this distinction. We handle complete logistics of the itinerary of the patients, including any special need they might have, providing better service since their arrival in Turkey and covering all aspects of transportation such as Shuttle Airport-Hotel-Airport, pre and post-operative appointments, surgery and even Tailored Tours depending on the patient´s medical treatment and the indications from the doctor.

Our Medical Transport Specialists are highly trained on the needs of the Hospice Patient to ensure each patient and family is handled with extra care, compassion, and consideration, we have helped hundreds of people have treatment abroad, saving them thousands in transportation costs.

8- Rehabilitation after surgery

Our ReGen counseling manager will come to you for a one-on-one counseling service after your operation.

9- Escorting back to the airport

ReGen will escort you to the airport after your treatment. An Istanbul tour will also be provided for the patients who choose to use VIP package (please contact with us for more information).

10- Follow-up by a video conference.