Liposuction is a vacuum technique used to remove excess fat layers under the skin. Thanks to this method excess fat that is resistant to diet or exercise can be removed smoothly and safely.

Laser lipolysis is based on a point-shot procedure and is applied under the skin layer by a small incision numbed with a local anesthetic.

How is it useful?

Some localized fatty areas are resistant to a diet or exercise routine. These can be removed effectively using laser lipolysis or liposuction which as a result helps create a tighter and younger skin appearance.

Three main reasons for the laser lipolysis to be applied:

  • Removal of localized fat cells
  • Tightening the skin surface
  • Preventing sweating (when applied over the underarm area)

Appropriate Age for the Surgery 
Lipo procedures are not for children and only persons over the age of 18 will be consulted.