It’s obviously an issue for men to discuss their penile sizes and erectile dysfunction problems openly. Generally, discussing these problems are impossible for men and it gives them discomfort, lower their self-confidence and make them unhappy even if they have successful careers, athletic performances and significant wealth. It’s totally understandable that men with these medical problems feel insecure and looking for various solutions. ReGen now offers intimate surgeries for men who are looking for a solution to their most private problems.

The most common technique to lengthen the penis is to cut its suspensory ligament and then perform plastic surgery to provide additional skin to cover its new length. The penis lengthening procedure allows for a 2-3 centimeters gain, this result may vary from one individual to another.

Surgery takes place under local or general anesthesia, lasts for 1-2 hours and usually doesn’t require hospital stay. You can return back to your work 5 days after surgery.

Intra-cavernous Injection for Erectile Dysfunction

The efficacy of the adult type mesenchymal stem cells in treating various diseases and organ injuries has been well proven in the recent years. Several clinical and experimental studies have shown the improvement of erectile dysfunction after intra-cavernous injection of these types of cells.

ReGen provides this treatment through a technology called “Stempia-Biotrend Turkey”. The up-to-date technology provides an easy and effective method to isolate stem cells and safely apply them to patients suffering from this common disease.

Penile Girth Enlargement with Regenerative Cell Enriched Autologous Nano Fat Grafting

A penile enlargement surgery is done as a day care surgery under general anesthesia.

As traditional fat grafting entails the possibility to disintegrate, multiple sessions are required to achieve the desired volume. To overcome this problem, recent advances in plastic surgery applications regarding regenerative medicine & cellular therapy provide the opportunity to increase the vitality of the fatty tissue transferred. The cellular therapy itself can increase angiogenesis and hence improve the vascularity of the penile tissue in return.

The fatty tissue injected is usually taken from your abdomen, thigh or buttock region through a tiny incision and collected in special kits. It is then processed through automated devices in order to prepare the cellular cocktail. Another portion of fatty tissue is processed through a filter instrument to create miniaturised beads of tissue called “Nano FAT” to be ready for introduction to the designated area. The advantage of this procedure resides in that this method makes the tissue more fine and pliable preventing the complication of “Lumping” witch is a frequent problem in traditional fat grafting to the penile tissue.

The Cellular cocktail is agitated with the “Nano Fat” and afterwards injected through one or more tiny incisions under the foreskin, just below the head of the penis. The stitches are dissolvable and the incisions heal with almost no scar.

Surgery takes place under local or general anesthesia, lasts for 1-2 hours and usually doesn’t require compressive garments. You can return back to your work 5 days after surgery.