Robotic Walking Equipment

Lokomat is a robot assisted walking therapy used to facilitate walking after impairment associated with orthopedic and/or neurologic conditions. Lokomat helps to re-educate the brain and spinal cord to work together to learn how to walk. This device is available at a limited number of hospitals in Turkey.

Is a type of treatment used for physical therapy and development of functional actions, and has become prominent in pediatric development.

Balance Trainer
Is an exerciser with an easy stand device, a standing table, and biofeedback control. These computer controlled systems have been optimized to obtain a favorable result.

Kinesthetic Balance Device
Is a device for patients who have balance disorders or difficulty standing. It has a balance platform that develops the patient’s progression sense and balance.

Handtutor Hand Therapy
This system consists of gloves that allow for a range of biomechanical evaluation including speed, passive and active range of motion, and motion analysis of the fingers and wrist.

Upper And Lower Extremity Active Passive Joint Mobility Device
Is a computer controlled therapy system that can be used actively and passively in neurologic, orthopedic, and cardiological rehabilitation.