In Turkey, organ transplantation operations has gained widespread acceptance with the first successful kidney transplantation performed in the year of 1975.  Organ transplantation procedures in Turkey have a very high-rate success level and ReGen provides superior services in the field of kidney, liver, and pancreas transplantation both to local and international patients.

Survival Rates for Kidney Transplant in Turkey

Survival rates for patients undergoing kidney transplants are 98% one year post-transplant, and 96.7% three years after transplant,which is higher than in the US (95.1% one year post-transplant, and 79.8% three years after transplant, respectively).

Organ Transplantation Success Rates

As an example, just in one organ transplant center in Turkey, a total 3,683 organ transplantation surgeries were carried out.

  1. 550 organ (Kidney + Liver + Pancreas) transplantations on average can be carried out in a year in one center.
  2. In Turkey, on average three thousand kidney transplantations are carried out in one year.
  3. There is no difference between the success rate of transplantations with tissue compatibility and transplantations without tissue compatibility. In other words, success rate of organ transplantations without tissue compatibility is also really high in Turkey.
  4. By-pass and kidney transplantation surgeries were carried out in the same session, for the first time in the world, in Turkey.
  5. The survival rates announced by United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) in the USA: – 1-year patient survival 97.9%– 3-year patient survival 94% – 5-year patient survival 89.4%
  6. Survival rates in Turkey, announced by Ministry of Health Turkish Organ and Tissue Registration System data is higher than in the U.S. as announced by UNOS.
    • 1-year patient survival: 97.8%
    • 3-year patient survival: 97.4%
    • 5-year patient survival: 95.7%